Berkeley Number Theory Seminar, Spring 2015

The weekly seminar will contain two types of talks. The first type will be the usual seminar talks given by invited speakers with (rather random) topics determined by them. The second type will be a series of coherent talks given by local people (mostly graduate students) around a fixed central topic. We will refer these as type I and type II in the schedule table below.

Central topic

The fixed central topic for this semester is the arithmetic of elliptic curves over function fields. For a plan of the series, please click here. Please come to volunteer a talk.5

Schedule (Wednesday 3:40-5:00pm, 736 Evans)

Date Speaker Type Topic
Jan 21 Kim Laine (Berkeley) I Learning With Errors in Homomorphic Cryptography
Jan 28 Xinyi Yuan (Berkeley) II Introduction and organization (plan)
Feb 4 Eugenia Rosu (Berkeley) II Statement of the full BSD conjecture
Feb 11 Xinyi Yuan (Berkeley) II Etale cohomology I: introduction
Feb 18 Watson Ladd (Berkeley) II Etale cohomology II: Weil conjecture
Feb 21 BAANTAG (Saturday, Stanford) Bay Area Algebraic Number Theory and Arithmetic Geometry Day 10
Feb 25 Alex Youcis (Berkeley) II Introduction to the Tate conjecture
Mar 4 John Binder (MIT) I Families of cusp forms and fields of rationality
Mar 11 Jared Weinstein (Boston University) I Maximal varieties over a finite field
Mar 18 none no talk (Arizona winter school)
Mar 25 none no talk (spring break)
Apr 1 Simon Marshall (Univ of Wisconsin, Madison) I Bounds for arithmetic eigenfunctions
Apr 8 Dylan Yott (Berkeley) II BSD vs Tate: rank part
Apr 15 Kestutis Cesnavicius (Berkeley) II BSD vs Tate: obstruction part
Apr 22 Shelly Manber (Berkeley) II Brauer group of curves: class field theory
Apr 29 Ariane Mezard (Institut de Math de Jussieu) I Genetic of local p-adic Galois representations
May 4 (Monday)
3-4pm, 891 Evans
Damaris Schindler
(Hausdorff Center for Mathematics)
Counting rational points on higher-dimensional Fano varieties
May 26-30 Coleman conference p-adic Methods in Number Theory