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Math 185: Complex Analysis
Lecture 3, Fall 2014

Basic Information

Instructor: Kenji Kozai
E-mail: (lastname) at
Office: 749 Evans
Office Hours: Monday 10-11 and 3:45-4:45, Wednesday 10-11, and by appointment
GSI: Arthur Tilley
GSI E-mail: ae(lastname) at -- replace (lastname) with Arthur's last name
GSI Office: 716 Evans
GSI Office Hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays 10-12, 1-4
Course Webpage: /~kozai/m185f14/
Prerequisites: Math 104

Required Textbook

  • Theodore W. Gamelin, Complex Analysis (download only available from Berkeley network)

Please note the errata available online.

Other useful references (not required)

  • Ahlfors, Complex Analysis


There will be weekly homework assignments due on Wednesday. They will be posted on the course website and on bCourses at least one week prior to their due date. They are to be turned in at the end of class on Wednesday, or in my office by 4pm, either in person or by sliding it under my door. Late homework will not be accepted under any circumstance. However, your two lowest homework grades will not be included in the final grade calculation.

Discussing the problems with other students is encouraged, but each student must write solutions on his/her own. Please acknowledge who you collaborated with by writing their names on the top of your homework before turning it in. Copying solutions, either from other students or from solutions obtained from the internet or any other source, will be considered cheating. A good general guideline is that talking about the problem or explaining the ideas is acceptable, but reading another student's solution (or having it read to you) is not.


There will be two midterm exams on Monday, September 29 and Friday, October 31. Both will be in class. The final exam is Monday, December 15 at 11:30am-2:30pm.

In the case of a fire alarm during either of the midterms or the final exam, leave your exams in the room, face down, before evacuating. Under no circumstances should you take the exam with you.


The final grade will be computed as follows:

  • Homework (15%)
  • Midterm 1 (20%)
  • Midterm 2 (20%)
  • Final Exam (45%)
If the final exam score is higher than either midterm score, the lowest midterm score will be replaced by the mean of the score and the final exam score. This effectively means your lowest midterm score can count for 10% of your grade and the final exam for 55% of your grade.


Important announcements regarding exams and homework assignments may be posted on bCourses. It is your responsibility to check bCourses regularly. You may configure bCourses to notify you via e-mail. To see how, see the tutorial on notifications.

Special Accommodations

If you have a documented disability and require special accommodations of any kind, please e-mail me as soon as possible, and no later than Friday, September 12.

Last modified 09 September 2014.