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The calendar here is tentative, and the topics discussed and specific dates are subject to change. Numbers in parentheses denote the corresponding section from Gamelin, Complex Analysis.

Week 1:
Fri. 8/29 Complex numbers (I.1-2)
Week 2:
Mon. 9/1 No class
Wed. 9/3 Stereographic projection, square and square root (I.3-4)
Fri. 9/5 Exponential and logarithm functions (I.5-6)
Week 3:
Mon. 9/8 Complex limits and continuity (II.1)
Wed. 9/10 Complex differentiation and analyticity (II.2)
Fri. 9/12 Cauchy-Riemann equations (II.3)
Week 4:
Mon. 9/15 Jacobians and inverse function theorem (II.4)
Wed. 9/17 Harmonic functions (II.5)
Fri. 9/19 Conformal mappings (II.6)
Week 5:
Mon. 9/22 Fractional linear transformations (II.7)
Wed. 9/24 More on conformal maps
Fri. 9/26 Midterm 1 review
Week 6:
Mon. 9/29 Midterm 1
Wed. 10/1 Line integrals and Green's theorem (III.1)
Fri. 10/3 Closed and exact forms (III.2)
Week 7:
Mon. 10/6 Harmonic funcitons, mean value property (III.3-4)
Wed. 10/8 Maximum principle (III.5)
Fri. 10/10 Complex line integrals (IV.1-2)
Week 8:
Mon. 10/13 Cauchy's theorem (IV.3)
Wed. 10/15 Cauchy's integral formula (IV.4)
Fri. 10/17 Liouville's theorem (IV.5)
Week 9:
Mon. 10/20 Complex power series (V.1-3)
Wed. 10/22 Power series for analytic functions, manipulation of power series (V.4)
Fri. 10/24 Manipulation of power series (V.6)
Week 10:
Mon. 10/27 Orders of zeroes of analytic functions (V.7)
Wed. 10/29 Midterm 2 review
Fri. 10/31 Midterm 2
Week 11:
Mon. 11/3 Laurent series (VI.1)
Wed. 11/5 Isolated singularities (VI.2)
Fri. 11/7 Partial fraction decompositions (VI.4)
Week 12:
Mon. 11/10 Residue theorem (VII.1) -- guest lecture by Kathryn Mann
Wed. 11/12 Applications of residue theorem (VII.2-3) -- guest lecture by Jean Gutt
Fri. 11/14 More residue theorem (VII.3-4)
Week 13:
Mon. 11/17 More residue theorem (VII.5)
Wed. 11/19 Jordan's lemma (VII.7)
Fri. 11/21 Argument principle (VIII.1)
Week 14:
Mon. 11/24 Rouche's Theorem (VIII.2)
Wed. 11/26 Open mapping and inverse function theorem (VIII.4)
Fri. 11/28 No class
Week 15:
Mon. 12/1 Periodic functions and complex Fourier series (VI.5-6)
Wed. 12/3 Complex Fourier series (VI.6)
Fri. 12/5 Fourier transforms and applicaitons
RRR Week:
Mon. 12/8 Review Session 1
Wed. 12/10 Review Session 2
Final Examinations:
Mon. 12/15 Final exam 11:30am-2:30pm

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