Koszul Duality Seminar - Fall 2013
University of California, Berkeley

Thursdays 2-3pm, 736 Evans Hall

Organisers: Constantin Teleman and George Melvin
CCN: 54549

Seminar Outline

The aim of this seminar is to become acquainted with various dualities that appear across mathematics - for example, commutative algebra, representation theory, topology - that come under the heading of 'Koszul duality'.

There will be three main focus points for the seminar:

(Tentative) Schedule of Talks + Speakers

Some talks may be rescheduled to a different time and/or location depending upon requirements of the speaker. Any updates will be posted here - make sure to check the department seminar announcement board. Updated 10/31/13


  1. Algebraic Bundles over P^{n} and Problems of Linear Algebra, Bernstein-Gelfand-Gelfand
  2. Methods of Homological Algebra, Gelfand-Manin
  3. Sheaf Cohomology and Free Resolutions over Exterior Algebras, Eisenbud-Floystad-Schreyer
  4. Koszul Duality Patterns in Representation Theory, Beilinson-Ginzburg-Soergel
  5. Koszul Duality for Toric Varieties, Braden
  6. Equivariant-constructible Koszul duality for dual toric varieties, Braden-Lunts
  7. Koszul Duality for Operads, Ginzburg-Kapranov
  8. Algebraic Operads, Loday-Valette
  9. Operads and Moduli Spaces of Genus 0 Riemann Surfaces, Getzler
  10. Algebra+Homotopy = Operad, Valette
  11. Hypercommutative Operad as a Homotopy Quotient of BV, Khoroshkin-Markarian-Shadrin

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