Spring-05. Math 140. Metric Dfferential Geometry

Lectures by Alexander Givental , TT 3:40-5, 5 Evans

Note the room change

  • Office hours: TT 5:15-6 p.m., at 701 Evans
  • Text: Manfredo Do Carmo, Differential Geometry of Curves and Surfaces , Prentice-Hall. We will cover much of material of the chapters 1-4, but we are NOT going to follow the book too closely, so taking notes during the lectures is a good idea. Still the book is required in the sense that it will serve as a main refernce for the theory and some homework problems.
  • Additional literature: Dirk Struik, Lectures on Classical Differential Geometry
  • Grading: Final (50%)+Midterm (25%)+Homework (25%)
  • HW: Weekly homework assignments will be posted to this web-page, and your solutions will be due on Thursdays in the class.
  • Reader: Nathan George will try to complete grading your homework by the first Tuesday following the due day. All re-grading requests should be addressed to me.
  • Midterm: Thursday, March 3.
  • Final: Friday, May 20, 12:30-3:30.

    Homework problems (.pdf)

    Solutions to homework problems (.pdf)

    Solutions to midterm problems (.pdf)