TeX (generally)

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TeX (generally)

As of October 2007 we are using the 2007 TeX Live distribution of TeX and related files. You can browse local documentation on TeX Live and its packages by going to http://math.berkeley.edu/~vojta/tex-doc . Files of particular interest to beginners include:

You can also see our old TeX help instead, but be warned that many of these documents refer to LaTeX 2.09 instead of LaTeX 2e, which is installed here and which has been the "modern" version of LaTeX since 1993.

More good starting points for TeX and LaTeX information:

Some WikiBooks are also available for TeX:


Links to special topics on TeX include:

Some Samples

Some TeX samples are available:

latex Writing a thesis in LaTeX (same as the above link)
tex and amstex latex A sample MetaPost document, with a label
tex amstex latex Using Ralph Smith's Formal Script (rsfs) fonts for nicer script characters
amstex latex Using Cyrillic text
amstex latex Using Cyrillic symbols
latex Using Romanian characters
amstex latex Bold Greek letters