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Installing Local Macro Packages on Your Machine at Home

Our TeX system includes a number of non-standard additions to TeX Live. Some of the more useful of these files have been bundled for easy installation on home machines. To install these files on your home machine, carry out the following steps:

  1. Download the file https://math.berkeley.edu/~beltiste/local.tgz.
  2. Open a terminal on your local system.
  3. On Unix or Linux
    1. for a user-based installation change to your home directory ~, with cd ~,
    2. for a system-wide installtion change to the directory /usr/local/share, with cd /usr/local/share.
  4. On MacOS change to the directory ~/Library, with cd ~/Library.
  5. Extract the downloaded file in that directory with command tar -xvf ~/Downloads/local.tgz, assuming the file was downloaded to your ~/Downloads directory.
  6. Run a command mktexlsr or some equivalent command to get the TeX system to recognize it.

This package includes local package ucbthesis and ucbletter document classes.