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UCB Math Computing

Math Computing Wiki

We now have a wiki for computing, which is intended to be complementary to this page.

Mail System Has Moved to Calmail Service

The Math email system has moved from our own dedicated server to CalMail. Our transition page contains all of the information about the change, and user instructions.

Staying informed

Important items related to computing in the Math department first appear as brief announcements on the "Message of the Day" (/etc/motd) displayed when you log in to one of our Unix servers. There is also a low volume mailing list for Computer System announcements. You can subscribe by going to the Compannounce web page.

Computing News

February 17, 2011
The computing support pages are under review now. The new revision is to be finished by end of February. Old news page can be found here.

Getting Help

The primary support avenue for Unix and network problems within the department is the LSCR request system

For hardware printer problems ONLY, (including low toner), use Please do not copy more than one list on your email. If you happen to send to the wrong list, it will be redirected by someone on the list.



Unix server support for faculty, visitors, and graduate students is provided by LSCR Unix support team (primary Igor Savine).

Desktop support for Windows and Mac OS X for faculty and staff is provided by the LSCR desktop support team (primary Frank Naughton).


There are about 150 computers in the Math department. Due to recent staff/funding cuts, the LSCR Unix team provides full support for Unix servers, but limited support for Unix desktops.

Here is the list of main Unix servers:

Server Name Function OS Comment primary SSH login server CentOS 5 a.k.a. thin client server CentOS 5 accessible from computer lab 744 SSH and thin client server CentOS 5 accessible from anywhere primary web server FreeBSD 7.3 Math home page SSH server Solaris 9 deprecated, out of support Samba and AFP file server FreeBSD 7.3 deprecated SSH server Solaris 9 deprecated, out of support print server FreeBSD 7.3 CUPS server


There are five public printers available:

Queue Name Maker & Model Location Comment
958_large Canon iR7095 958 Evans high performance printer/copier/scanner
958_small Canon iR6570 958 Evans medium performance printer/copier/scanner
1002 HP LaserJet 5200 1002 Evans low performance printer
838 HP LaserJet 4350 838 Evans low performance printer
744 HP LaserJet 4350 computer lab 744 Evans low performance printer

See our printing information page for details.


A large number of free packages are installed on our Unix systems, and we have licensed a couple of commercial packages, namely, MATLAB and Maple. We used to have working packages of Mathematica and Magma in the past, but not anymore.

Data Backup and Restore

User data is backed up to tape on nightly basis.

UCB Campus AirBears

Math Department AirBears is deployed throughout the the upper four floors of Evans Hall. Please report any new problems via email to request

Computer Policy and Security

Computing within the Math Department is subject to campus-wide IT Policy and Security. In addition, the department has a few local policies set by the Math Computer Committee. See our security page.

Warning about Phishing

Phishing is an attempt to get you to reveal confidential information by pretending to be a legitimate organization with whom you do business. There is a news article about this on the CalMail site. Remember -- no legitimate organization will ever ask you for passwords, social security numbers, credit card numbers, or any sensitive information via email. DO NOT reply to any such email.