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Writing a Letter or Memo in LaTeX (ucbletter document class)

Here's a quick example of a LaTeX file using the ucbletter document class.

% home address.
% \address{Rusty C. Wright\\4609 Muir Avenue\\San Diego, California 92107}
% \telephone{(619) 225-0918}
% \subject{Donald Duck's Sailor Suit} % used only by the memo option
\name{Rusty C. Wright}
\signature{Rusty Wright}
\opening{Dear Sir,}
(The body of the letter goes here.  Blank lines start new paragraphs.)
\closing{Thank you,}

Here's another use of the document class, for producing a memo instead of a letter.

\from{Rusty C. Wright}
\subject{Donald Duck's Sailor Suit}
% \date{} % if left out, current date will be supplied
\signature{Rusty Wright}
Donald's suit is cute.

See also the documentation for the ucbletter document class.