Access to MathSciNet and UC eLinks from Home

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Even if you are not on campus, you can still remotely access all the services and subscriptions that are available when you are physically on the campus network. Examples of such services are: MathSciNet, UC eLinks, JStor, etc.

There are two basic ways to do this (see the University library help page for details):

  1. The first is by connecting using a Virtual Private Network which will establish a secure tunnel to the campus. To do this you must install special software on your computer, the Cisco VPN Client, which is available from Berkeley Software Central.
  2. The other method is to enable your browser to use a proxy server (see this help page on proxy setup). Basically, what this means is that your computer communicates with the Internet through an intermediary, the proxy server. In this case, the intermediary is the University server. Websites like MathSciNet only see the intermediary and treat all requests as if they were coming from the university. Note: You should have proxy servers enabled only when you need them. Since you are going through the intermediary, every request for information requires 4 transfers instead of two. This can cause a noticeable slowdown in your Internet speed.