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News & Announcements

Ethernet and WiFi networks down in Evans Hall on October 20, 2014
Spring Quantitative Reasoning Exam Scheduled for January 21st, 2015, from 5-6:30pm in 939 Evans Hall
Alexandre Chorin and the late David Blackwell awarded National Medal of Science by President Obama
Alan Schoenfeld received the 2014 Mary P. Dolciani Award
Fall Quantitative Reasoning Exam Scheduled for 5-6:30pm on September 3, 2014 in 939 Evans Hall

Today's Events

Matrix Computations and Scientific Computing Seminar: A Projected Preconditioned Conjugate Gradient algorithm for computing a large invariant subspace of a Hermitian matrix
Symplectic and Quantum Geometry: Real polarizations and Integrable systems
Quantum Geometry Seminar: Disintegration of a factor
Topology Seminar: Cusped arithmetic manifolds, regular tessellations and links (Introductory talk)
From trees to seeds: on the inference of the seed from large random trees
Applied Math Seminar: Stochastic Reaction-Diffusion Methods for Modeling Cellular Processes
Number Theory Seminar: On some Tate cycles on Shimura varieties
RTG Seminar: Factorization homology for the working mathematician
Topology Seminar: Regular Tessellation Link Complements (Main talk)