gsftopk and gsftopkk

gsftopk is a program that uses Ghostscript to render PostScriptTM fonts (including mock-ups of the ``built-in'' 35; e.g., Times-Roman) and convert the bitmaps to .pk format for use with xdvi or other .dvi viewers. Contrary to what its name may suggest, gsftopk can handle all types of fonts acceptable to Ghostscript, including .pfa, .pfb, and .ttf (TrueTypeTM) files.

gsftopkk is the same basic program, modified to work with Karl Berry's Kpathsea path-searching library.

The two programs, gsftopk and gsftopkk, are released in tandem, and usually have the same version number.

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Current released version

The current version of gsftopk is version 1.19. It is available from CTAN sites in the files tex-archive/fonts/utilities/gsftopk/gsftopk.tar.gz and tex-archive/fonts/utilities/gsftopk/gsftopkk.tar.gz.

Version 1.19 makes the following change from the previous released version.

gsftopk and gsftopkk are distributed under the terms of the X Consortium copyright statement, and therefore qualify as Open SourceTM.

Latest beta release

The lastest beta release is version 1.19.2. Version 1.19.2 does the following:

Bugs in Certain Versions of Ghostscript

gsftopk relies primarily on Ghostscript, which sometimes has bugs that affect gsftopk. There are no such bugs known at the present time, but older versions of Ghostscript did have bugs that caused problems with gsftopk. The best way to ensure proper operation of gsftopk is to be sure that you are using Ghostscript version 8.71 or higher.

For details on bugs in older versions of Ghostscript (dating back to 7.00), click here.


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