Details on the bugs in Ghostscript 7.00 affecting gsftopk

The First Bug

The first bug causes Ghostscript to prompt for further PostScript commands, even when the "--" command line syntax is used. It causes gsftopk to print a message, "gs died due to signal 13".

This bug has been fixed as of gs 7.01.

The Second Bug

The second bug affects Ghostscript's ability to read .pfb files. It causes gsftopk to print a PostScript error message when trying to convert fonts stored in pfb format. The exact nature of the error message depends on the font.

This bug has also been fixed as of gs 7.01.

The Third Bug

The third bug is very similar to the second bug, but it is rarer, affecting only about 1-2% of all .pfb fonts. It was been reported as bug #465936 to the Ghostscript bug tracking system on SourceForge.

This bug is now fixed, as of gs 8.71 (or possibly as early as 8.64).