This page contains info for Math 16B (Sections 1 and 2), Spring 2019, taught by Kelli Talaska. Students should log into bCourses for any other info on the course.

Lecture 1, 2050 VSLB: MWF, 11am-12pm
Lecture 2, 2050 VSLB: MWF, 12pm-1pm
Kelli's OH: TBD

Midterm 1: Monday, March 11, 8-10pm, locations TBA
Midterm 2: Monday, April 15, 8-10pm, locations TBA
Final exam:

Important documents and links:

Please note: I have no control over enrollment. You must make all enrollment decisions and changes yourself on Cal Central. Note that attendance is required for discussion sections, and you must attend the section you are registered for. No exceptions. If you are having trouble with any enrollment issues, please email enrollment@math.berkeley.edu for assistance.

There is no waitlist. If you are trying to add the class or change sections, please keep an eye on Cal Central.

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The textbook for this course is:
Calculus with Applications
Lial, Greenwell, and Ritchey
11th edition, ISBN: 9780321979421

Use other editions at your own risk. Please note the department has negotiated a greatly reduced price for this textbook, so the campus bookstore will most likely be the cheapest place to buy it and possibly to rent it. The campus bookstore price is about $95, so you should not pay more than that. You are NOT required to have an online access code.