Availability Updates

Enrollment Updates for Fall 2019

The Math Department works to accommodate all students into their needed Math courses.  If you are trying to add a class but it is full please send a brief email to enrollment [at] math [dot] berkeley [dot] edu indicating which class you are trying to add.  We will work to add more capacity to any impacted classes.  


Math 1A:
8/12/19:   Added capacity to Discussion 102 on MWF 11-12 after obtaining larger classroom.
8/12/19:   Added capacity to Discussion 104 on MWF 10-11 after obtaining larger classroom.

Math 1B:
7/24/19:   Discussion Section 217 opened for enrollment in Lecture 2. 
7/24/19:   Discussion Section 218 opened for enrollment in Lecture 2.

Math 16B:
7/25/19:   Discussion Sections 118 and 119 opened for enrollment. 

Math 32:
7/24/19:   Discussion Sections 102 and 108 opened for enrollment.

Math 53:
7/25/19:  Discussion Sections 205 opened for enrollment in Lecture 2.
8/9/19:    Discussion Section 219 opened for enrollment in Lecture 2.

Math 54:
6/3/19:    Discussion Sections 104, 114, and 117 opened in Lecture 1.
7/26/19:  Discussion Section 209 opened for enrollment and capacity added to Discussion Section 215 in Lecture 2.  



Math C103:
6/18/19:  Math C103 - also listed as Econ C103 (MWF 11-12) opened for enrollment. 


Math 104:
4/20/19:  Math 104 Lecture 7 (MWF 1-2) opened for enrollment. 
4/22/19:  Math 104 Lecture 3 (TuTh 2-3:30) opened for enrollment.  
6/12/19:  Math 104 Lecture 8 (MWF 10-11) opened for enrollment.

Math 113:
4/30/19:  Math 113 Lecture 6 (TuTh 3:30-5) opened for enrollment.
7/19/19:  Math 113 Lecture 8 (MWF 11-12) opened for enrollment. 

Math 115:
7/29/19:  Math 115 (MWF 12-1) opened for enrollment.  80% of the seats will be reserved for declared Math & Applied Math majors until August 12th.

Math 172:
7/29/19:  Math 172 (MW 5-6:30 PM) opened for enrollment.  80% of the seats will be reserved for declared Math & Applied Math majors until August 12th.

Math 185:
4/22/19:  Math 185 Lecture 5 (TuTh 11-12:30) opened for enrollment. 
5/29/19:  Math 185 Lecture 3 (MWF 10-11) opened for enrollment.



Math 212:
6/3/19:  This course has been moved to TuTh 11 AM-12:30 PM after consultation with the enrolled students.

Math C223A/Stat C206A:
8/5/19:  Per the Statistics Department, the Fall 2019 offering of this course has been cancelled. 

Math 225A:
4/30/19:  This course has been moved to TuTh 9:30-11 AM.

Math 249:
6/28/19:  Math 249 (MWF 10-11) opened for enrollment.  


Math 104/H104, 110/H110, 113, 128A, and 185:

During "Phase 1" of registration, seats in these upper-division courses will be saved for students who have a declared major in Mathematics or Applied Mathematics and for undeclared students in the College of Letters & Science.  Some seats in Math 110, H110, and 128A will also be saved for incoming Junior transfers. 

Graduate students, undergraduates from outside of Letters & Science, and declared Letters & Science students who aren't double or triple majoring with Mathematics or Applied Mathematics can either add to the waiting list during Phase 1 or wait until Phase 2 to add these courses.  At the end of Phase 1 students on the waiting lists will be added to any remaining seats before Phase 2 enrollment begins.

The department remains committed to doing our best to meet the demand for math courses from all students of all majors.


Math Graduate Courses
The policies for undergraduate enrollment in each of the Math Department's Fall 2019 graduate courses and the instructions for requesting an enrollment permission can be found at



For other enrollment questions:   enrollment [at] math [dot] berkeley [dot] edu or see Jennifer in room 966 Evans (510-642-2479).