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2019-12-19:	The chapter on gaping holes is more or less complete
	now — but not optimized for reading yet.

2020-03-20:	Macros and header: synced to the main track.
Cosmetic changes.

Fixup of the beginning (Ni.St. etc.).
What knowledge of Fourier is required?

Explanation of the (invisible) cancellation of square root.

Start a section on ζ-function.
Why should we not expect deg=4 to be similar.
(D₄ is a more complicated non-distilled.)

Code to find “runs”.

2021-01-08:	The promised handouts added (finally!).

2021-03-10:	Rename the main file.

Make “hidden symmetries” yet more prominent (including the title).
Restructure and add new material for another evidence-based chapter (deg=4, D₄, abelian, etc).
Start to consolidate “validation” into yet another Appendix.

Fix dangling and mis-coded references.