People search for intelligence in cosmos. Can one find it on IMDb?

This page leads to a couple of dozens of lists of film; the total is about 10,000 films. All these lists are ordered by a numeric grade GR; the higher the grade, the more “worthy for attention” is the film.

How does one pay the attention? In the list of films, you click on the title, and what you get is a certain list of reviews. How I use the resulting list: I read the first 3 or 4 of the shown reviews. These 3–4 reviews have a standing chance to be intelligent. You read them — you decide what to do. (The value judgements in these reviews would not always match yours; nevertheless, usually they discuss what they [don’t] like about the film pretty intelligently.)

The films ended up in these lists by three different reasons.

Want to know more about these lists? The long story is here!