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Papers on Radiobiology, Biomathematics & Cancer, 2003-2005 (Ray Sachs)

  • SCHIP: Satistics for Chromosome Interphase Positioning. Vives S, Loucas B, Vazquez M, Brenner DJ, Sachs RK, Hlatky L, Cornforth M, Arsuaga J. Bioinformatics. 2005 21:3181-2.
  • Cancer Risks after High Doses of Ionizing Radiation, 2005 Rainer K. Sachs and David J. Brenner. PNAS 102:13040-5.
  • Full-Color Painting Reveals an Excess of Radiation-Induced Dicentrics Involving Homologous Chromosomes. Y. Plan, L. Hlatky, P. Hahnfeldt, R. Sachs, B. Loucas, and M. Cornforth, 2005. International Journal of Radiation Biology, 81:613-20.
  • Modeling Intercellular Interactions During Radiation Carcinogenesis. Rainer K Sachs, Michael Chan, Lynn Hlatky, Philip Hahnfeldt. Accepted for Publication, Radiation Research 2005.
  • Analysis of a- particle induced chromosome aberrations in human lymphocytes, using pan-centromeric and pan-telomeric probes M.Mestres, M.R. Caballin, E. Schmid, G. Stephan, R. Sachs, L. Barrios, J.F. Barquinero International Journal of Radiation Biology, 2004, 80:737-744.
  • Levy, D., Vazquez, M., Loucas, B. D., Cornforth, M. N., Sachs, R. K., Arsuaga, J. Comparing DNA damage-processing pathways by computer analysis of chromosome painting data Journal of Computational Biology 2004. 11:626-641
  • Arsuaga J, KM Greulich, M Vazquez, M Molls, P Hahnfeldt, D Brenner, R Sachs and L Hlatky (2004), Chromosome spatial clustering inferred from radiogenic aberrations. International Journal of Radiation Biology 80:507-516
  • Sachs RK, D Levy, P Hahnfeldt and L Hlatky (2004), Modelling radiation-induced chromosome aberrations quantitatively Cytogenet Genome Res. 2004;104(1-4):142-8
  • Cancer Risks Attributable to Low Doses of Ionizing Radiation - What Do We Really Know? David J. Brenner, Richard Doll, Dudley T. Goodhead, Eric J. Hall, Charles E. Land, John B. Little, Jay H. Lubin, Dale L. Preston, R. Julian Preston, Jerome S. Puskin, Elaine Ron, Rainer K. Sachs, Jonathan M. Samet , Richard B. Setlow, Marco Zaider Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2003 100:13761-6.
  • Levy D and RK Sachs (2003), Software for Cycle Analysis, http://radiobiology.berkeley.edu/CAA/.
  • Sachs RK and DJ Brenner (2003), "Chromosome Aberrations Produced by Ionizing Radiation: Quantitative Studies". Beta-test version of part of an NIH/PubMed/NCBI Bookshelf Internet Textbook., http://web.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/bv.fcgi?call=bv.View..ShowSection&rid=mono_002.
  • DJ Brenner and RK Sachs Domestic radon risks may be dominated by bystander effects - but the risks are unlikely to be greater than we thought. Health Physics, 85(1):103-108; 2003.
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