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Slava Grigorchuk and John Rhodes, Porto June 2002. Photo by Ben Steinberg.
Department of Mathematics
University of California
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P vs NP Workshop

The Workshop on P vs NP took place in 1015 Evans Hall on 12 - 15 June, 2006. Participants from over a dozen countries contributed to the discussion
of a new approach to solving this important outstanding problem in mathematics and computer science. Click here to view the conference program.
The entire conference was videotaped, and all the talks will eventually be able to be viewed online. As of now, only the talks from Day 1 are available.

Please address any questions or comments to John Rhodes.

Workshop Photo: Bill Province, Darsh Ranjan, Benjamin Steinberg, Andreas Krebs, John Stallings, Rostislav Grigorchuk, Christine Heitsch, Olga Kharlampovich, Chrystopher Nehaniv, John Rhodes, Mikhail Volkov, Pedro Silva, Pascal Weil, John Meakin, Paul Schupp, Jean-Camille Birget, and Zoran Sunik

Day 1: June 12, 2006

John Rhodes, UC Berkeley (Emeritus)

Opening Remarks about the approach.

Pedro V. Silva, University of Porto, CMUP

Click here to download Pedro Silva's slide presentation,
which is an essential accompaniment to the talk.
Bimachines: an introduction.

John Rhodes, UC Berkeley (Emeritus)

Iterating the bimachine of a Turing machine.

John Rhodes, UC Berkeley (Emeritus)

A profinite differential equation and random walks on
semigroups and Turing machines.

Click here to download the paper of John Rhodes and Pedro Silva, which was the
basis of all three of John Rhodes' talks on Day 1 of the Workshop.