Fall 2013 - N. Reshetikhin

section: 001, course control number: 54477 office: 917 Evans Hall
email: reshetik at math berkeley edu
Classes: MWF, 11am-12pm, 7 Evans
Office Hours: by appointments

Textbooks and references:

There are several books and many review articles covering parts of the material. See the list of references in the syllabus for more details. This list will evolve as lectures will progress.

The syllabus

The syllabus can be found here

Lecture notes, homework and exams

Lecture notes can be found here here . There will be no final exam, but there will be a mini-workshop at the end of the class where students will make presentations (20-30 min). The list of projects for the presentation is in the syllabus . It will evolve as lectures will progress.