Justin T. Brereton

jbrere at berkeley dot edu

Welcome to my webpage! I am a 5th year Ph.D student in mathematics here at UC Berkeley. I completed my undergraduate degree in Mathematics at MIT in Spring 2013. My research is in Partial Differential Equations and my advisor is Daniel Tataru. I have specifically been working on PDE problems with elements of randomness, such as almost sure well-posedness.

I passed my qualifying exam in June 2014. My major topics were Partial Differential Equations and Harmonic Analysis. My minor topic was Probability.


This fall I will be co-organizing the Harmonic Analysis and Differential Equation Seminar (HADES) with Kevin O’Neill.

Here is a list of links to material and conferences/workshops on PDE’s and Harmonic Analysis.


I am currently the GSI for 2 sections of Math 53 Multivariable Calculus, with Denis Auroux:

Here are the courses I have GSI’d or taught in the past:

Math 1B GSI: Fall 2013, Spring 2016

Math 53 GSI: Fall 2014

Math 54 Taught in Summer 2014, GSI: Spring 2014, Spring 2015. Here is Six Easy Steps to Solving the Heat Equation, a set of notes on the final and most difficult section of Math 54.

Math 55 GSI: Fall 2015, Fall 2016


Almost sure local well-posedness for the supercritical quintic NLS. December 2016.

With C.H. Jeffrey Pang, November 2012