Professor Jenny Harrison
Department of Mathematics
University of California, Berkeley


1971 B.A., University of Alabama
1975 Ph.D., University of Warwick
1979 Master of Arts, (title bestowed by Oxford University)


1975-76 Assistant, Institute for Advanced Study, Postdoc adviser: Hassler Whitney
1976-77 Instructor, Princeton University
1978-1988 Assistant Professor, University of California, Berkeley
1978 Visiting Professor, I.H.E.S., Bures-sur-Yvette, summer
1981 Visiting Professor, I.M.P.A., Rio de Janeiro, June-August
1979-82 Fellow and tutor, Somerville College, Oxford (tenured position)
1979-82 Lecturer, Oxford University (tenured position)
1980 Visiting Professor, University of Maryland, September
1982 Visiting Professor, I.H.E.S., July-August
1988 Visiting Professor, University of Warwick, summer
1988-89 Assistant Research Mathematician, University of California, Berkeley
1989-90 NSF Visiting Professor, Yale University
1990-91 MSRI Visiting Professor
1993-present Professor, University of California, Berkeley
1996-97 Visiting Research Professor, Rockefeller University
2007 Miller Professor, Berkeley

Editorial Boards:

Journal of Geometric Analysis

Awards and grants:

Marshall Scholar, 1971-74.
Miller Fellow, University of California, Berkeley, 1977-79.
NSF research grant, 1978-79.
Principal Investigator, NSF research grant, 1983-1984.
NSF travel grant to Brazil, June-August, 1981.
Air Force research grant, 1986-88.
NSF Visiting Professor for Women, 1989-90.
Miller Professor 2007
FQXi award for research on fundamental questions in physics 2008

Selected University and Department Service:

Chair, Status of Women and Ethnic Minorities
Ex officio member, Divisional Council of the Academic Senate
Chair, Mathematics Opportunity Committee
Committee Omega
Chair, Math Orchestra Committee
Committee on Teaching
Prize Committee

Invited speaker:


Spitalfield’s London Math Society colloquium lecture, Cambridge, England
Newton Institute Three lectures on chainlet geometry to physicists
University of Warwick, seminar


Dynamical systems seminar, University of California, Berkeley
Lecture series, University of California, Berkeley Geometric integration theory


Applied math seminar, University of California, Berkeley, Chainlets as dual to wavelets
Math and science faculty group, University of California, Berkeley, Calculus on fractals


Plenary speaker, Fractal Geometry and Stochastics, Friedrichsroda, Germany
Functional analysis colloquium, Berkeley, spring 2003


Two lectures, Discrete Methods in Mechanics, Cal Tech, October 2003
Colloquium lecture, Department of Mathematics, November 2003
Newton Institute workshop on quantum theory, (invited lecture)
Geometric Analysis meeting in honor of Feldman, NYU, February 7
Einstein seminar, NYU, February 10


Series of six lectures: Ravello Summer School for Mathematical Physics, 6 lecture course on Chainlet Geometry and its Applications to Pure and Applied Mathematics
Graduate seminar on chainlet geometry, spring semester 2005
Seminar, Matrix Computations & Scientific Computing, March 2005
L&S Faculty Forum Seminar, February 2005
CPAM seminar speaker, April 2005
Series of five lectures: Computational Electromagnetism, Tampere Finland, five day conference dedicated to applications of chainlet geometry, Plenary Speaker, May, 2005 2005-2006
Seminar, Applications of chainlet geometry to computational electromagnetism, Sandia National Laboratories, Aug, 2005
Invited speaker, Mathematical structures of materials, Gianfranco Capriz’ 80th birthday, Rome, October, 2005
Seminar, Commutative algebra and algebraic geometry seminar, UC Berkeley, November, 2005.
PDE seminar, UC Davis, April, 2006
Analysis seminar, UC Berkeley, April, 2006


Colloquium, University of Arizona, September, 2006
Invited Seminar, University of Arizona, September, 2006


Zurich ICIAM ‘07, invited lecture, July, 2007
Advanced Computational Electromagnetics (ACE ‘07), July 2007 ‘Geometric Poincare Lemma with applications to EM theory’
Dynamical systems seminar: two lectures ‘Quantum Calculus with convergence to the smooth continuum’, November-December 2007
Miller luncheon lecture ‘Quantum Calculus and the monads of Pythagoras’
MSRI Connections for Women: Dynamical Systems “Chainlet theory and Dynamics”


Five seminars ‘Axioms of calculus’ Berkeley, 2008
Advanced Computational Electromagnetics (ACE’09), invited lecture, applications of Geometric Calculus to Electromagnetics, Rome, January 2009


FQXi presentation on proposed new axioms of physics, Ponta Delgada Azores


Colloquium, Department of Mathematics, University of California, Berkeley, “Has Plateau’s Problem been solved?”
Invitation to speak at the Sullivan festival in Stony Brook, 2011.
Colloquium, Department of Mathematics, University of California, Santa Cruz, “Solution to Plateau’s Problem”