Garrett Brown



I am a third year math PhD student at UC Berkeley working with Song Sun. My interests lie in differential geometry/geometric analysis, usually in the setting of complex geometry. From Fall 2017 to Spring 2021, I was an undergraduate at Harvard College. Before that, I resided in southeast Michigan.

I am grateful for the support of an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship.

Office: 935 Evans Hall
Email: gm"my last name" at berkeley dot edu
Office Hours: None this semester


Currently I am mostly thinking about special metrics in complex geometry (e.g. extremal Kähler metrics, Kähler metrics with positive scalar curvature). Here are some projects I enjoyed as an undergraduate (click on the paper title to show the abstract):


Spring 2023: GSI for Math 54 with Professor John Lott.

Summer 2022: Sole instructor for Math 54 lec 004.

Fall 2021: GSI for Math 54 with Professor David Nadler.

Other Links

  • With Thomas Browning, I have organized the Berkeley math prelim workshop in Fall 2022, Spring 2023, and now Fall 2023. Materials for the current workshop can be found here.