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Typically for the quiz contents, the materials covered before each Monday (Monday included) are fair games.


Week Worksheet Solutions Quizzes Topics / Plan
1 Wednesday - Discussion Notes No quiz Brief Review of integration (properties + u-sub)
2 Monday & Wednesday Quiz1 u-sub, trig identities, IBP
IBP Extra Practice Problems (from Past Exams) IBP (harder problems), reduction formula
3 Monday & Wednesday Quiz2 Partial Fractions
Some Hints to hw2    
hw2 P27#16 20 NEW!
"arctan, arcsin" case
4 Monday & Wednesday Quiz3 trig sub
Trig sub (continued)
5 Monday Quiz4 Improper Integral - Type 1 compute
Wednesday (1) Technique distinguish: trig-sub, u-sub, arcsin case, rewrite as x^n; (2) Improper Integral - Type 2 estimate (just a start)
6 Monday      Hint for Page 63 #8 Quiz Topics: Solve differential equations (separable and linear) differential equations (determine the type & solve linear type)
Wednesday More Differential Equations
7 Monday    
partial solns of hw6 (NEW!)
No Quiz! Euler's method, application of DEs
Integral Review Worksheet Integral Review
Midterm1 Monster is coming!
Di's Office Hours this week: (VV818) Monday 2:15-3:30pm (after discussion);
Tuesday 3:50-5:00pm (after lecture);
Wednesday 2:15-4:00pm (after discussion).
In fact, I will be in my office VV818 this Wednesday after dinner from around 7pm to 10pm working on my own work. Feel free to drop by for any questions.
Midterm1 Solutions:    Blue Version (by Di)       White Version (Thanks to TA: Ke Chen)
8 Monday No Quiz! go over exams; A Start of Taylor Polynomials
Wednesday Taylor Series
9 Monday Quiz6 Taylor Polynomials: Error Estimate
Little-oh notation
11 Monday    
partial solns of hw8 Page 93
Taylor Polynomials: Multiplication, Differentiation, Integration
Handout Exams
12 Monday Term Test; Geometric Series
Wednesday Geometric Series, convergence of Taylor series
13 Monday Convergence test of series (sub TA: Ke Chen)
14 Monday Vector operations, dot product
Wednesday Vector parametrization



The "IBP Extra Practice Problems" is neither required nor homework.

It's meant for some of us who want to see more problems (especially how hard the past exams could be).

(By Di on Jan. 25)


I'm looking forward to working with you this spring!

Let's have some fun together!

(By Di on Jan. 17)