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Week Worksheet Solutions HW Quizzes Topics / Plan
1 Tuesday - Syllabus Module 1,2,3 are due next Tuesday. Alert Quiz Course Intro / Icebreaker
Thursday Precalc
2 Tuesday This Thursday: HW1 due online; Hand in in-class activity in discussion Quiz 1 Absolute Value & Secant/Tangent Line
Thursday Limit Computing x->a
3 Tuesday Module 4,5 due Tuesday Quiz2 epsilon-delta definition
Thursday HW2 due this Thursday limit computing Day 2
4 Tuesday HW3 due Thursday Quiz3 x->infinity limit
Thursday Sandwich theorem
5 Tuesday Module 6 due Tuesday; HW4 due Thursday Quiz4 Trig limit
Thursday Continuity
6 Tuesday Module 7 due Tuesday No Quiz! Derivative definition, asymptote
Thursday Review? Q&A
Midterm1 Monster is coming!
Midterm1 Related This week's office hours: Monday 1-3:20pm, Tuesday 2:20-3:20pm, Wednesday 2:20-3:20pm, VV818 Practice exam         solutions
Solutions to Extra Practice Problems by Di     (NEW!)
Other past paper solutions by Di: (Many of them may cover materials not required for us, say, computing derivative by rules. Feel free to ignore those problems.)
2015fall-Prof. Soledad Benguria         solutions
2014fall-Prof. Yao         solutions
2013fall-Prof. Mari-Beffa         solutions
7 Tuesday For HW assignments, please check Moodle! :) Quiz5 Derivative Computing
Thursday Chain Rule
Extra Practice Problems on Derivative Computing (with solutions)
8 Tuesday Quiz6 Implicit Differentiation
Thursday Related Rates
9 Tuesday Group Project 1: due Nov. 10th Quiz7 derivative inverse trig; IVT
Thursday more related rates; warm up for graphing
10 Tuesday Quiz8 global max/min & Graphing
Thursday Global and local max/min
Midterm2 Monster is coming!
Practice Exam2     Practice exam solutions by Di
If you find any error in the solutions, please kindly let me know! :)
Midterm2 Solutions by TA Ying Li:   Regular exams      Makeup exams
12 Tuesday No Quiz derivative inverse trig; IVT
Happy Thanksgiving!!!
13 Tuesday+Thursday Quiz9 Exp/log derivative and limit
14 Tuesday Quiz10 Integration (substitution)
Thursday area/volume computing
15 Tuesday No Quiz! Volume Computing (continued)
Good luck on Final! You can do it!
Final Related Regular Office Hours:
TW 2:20-3:20;

Extra Office Hours:
Friday 2:00-3:20pm;
Next Monday 2:00-4:00pm
Office: VV818
I ran out of roller pen, and used ball pen instead, which makes my handwriting quite ugly... Please let me know if you find any error.
    Practice Final         Solutions by Di     (New!)
Other past paper solutions by Di:
2015fall-Prof. Soledad Benguria         solutions
2016spring-Prof. Soledad Benguria         solutions
Regular Exam Room for our discussion: VV B130



I stopped updating hw infos after midterm1, because it seemed to be not very useful.

Please stay updated to Moodle! :)

(By Di on Oct. 18)


Team name options:

(1) the Mathheads (2) Mooncake (Really?) (3) Derivative of inspirational house (?).

(By Di on Sep. 13)


I'm looking forward to working with you this fall!

Hope we have a great semester together!

(By Di on Aug. 30)