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Week Worksheet Solutions (if any) Quiz Solutions/Rubrics Topics / Plan
1 Thursday No quiz Precalc (including logarithm)
2 Tuesday      Pictures of Textbook Diagnostic Quiz How to compute limits
Thursday Definition of Derivatives
3 Tuesday Quiz 2 (solutions and rubrics shared among the lecture) Tangent/Normal lines, Derivative of polynomials
Thursday Marginal Analysis $$$
4 Tuesday Quiz 3 Compute Derivatives via Rules
Hints to Webwork10/01 Review Chain rule, product rule
5 solutions to implicit differentiation worksheet Quiz 4 Webwork 10/4 (related rates)
Midterm 1
7 Tuesday Quiz 5 infinity type limit (asymptote type)
Thursday Graphing
8 Tuesday Quiz 6 Applied Optimization (with constraint)
Thursday Optimization continued - Some hard problems from HW & webwork
9 Tuesday Quiz 7 Integral properties
Thursday mainly u-sub
10 Tuesday Quiz 8 mainly IBP
WW 1109 Area Computing & more integrals



All of the worksheets and their solutions here are written by Di.

Worksheets are NOT homework in any sense, and NOT required. The idea is to show you more solid examples with solutions. If there's any typo, please let me know!

(By Di on Sept. 12)