Course Announcement
UC Berkeley, Spring Semester 1999

Math 191: Solving Systems of Polynomial Equations

Instructor: Bernd Sturmfels (bernd@math, Evans 701)
Assistent: Laura Matusevich (laura@math, Evans 852)

Time: Wednesday 4-6pm
Place: 65 Evans Hall

In this Undergraduate Research Seminar we shall study algebraic and numerical algorithms for solving systems of polynomial equations in several unknowns. Such systems play an important role in applications in the sciences and engineering. Their theoretical study, which is the subject of algebraic geometry, is of central importance in mathematics.

Our basic reference is the first three chapters in the following text book which is required for this course:

David Cox, John Little, Donal O'Shea: "Using Algebraic Geometry", Springer Graduate Texts in Mathematics, 1998

The participants will perform their own computer experiments and consult original research articles on solving equations. The enrollment in this seminar is limited to seven students, who are mathematics majors in their junior or senior year. Prerequisites are two of the three courses Math 110, Math 113 or Math 128 A. Each student who successflly completes the class will receive a $ 1,000 scholarship. There is a possibility to continue with a summer research project.