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Distinguished Lectures

   The Game of Amazons, August 4, 2015, Momath

   Popular Misconceptions, April 5, 2013, Stanford University

   Adventures in Coding, Spring 2011, University of Southern California

   Fibonacci Plays Billiards, Spring 2006, University of Calgary
                                      and August 6, 2016 in Columbus, OH

   Mathematics and Go, February 6, 2006, University of California, Berkeley

   Recreational Mathematics, Fall 1976, Miami University, Oxford, OH

Introductions to Popular Combinatorial Games

  Dots and Boxes
  Strings & Coins Duality
  Domineering     [COMING SOON]
  Impartial Chess   [IN PREPARATION]
  Fox and Geese    [IN PREPARATION]

  Concluding Overview