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(2013): Stanford University's "Kailath Lecture"

(2013): Fellow, American Mathematical Society

(2011): University of South California's "Viterbi Lecture"

(2006): University of Calgary "Richard & Louise Guy Lecture Series"

(2004): American Math Society's "Arnold Ross Lecturer"

(2001): Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science

(1999): National Academy of Sciences, Sec.11: Mathematics (and
         affiliate member, Sec. 34: Computer and Information Sciences)
         Plus: NAS/NAE Nonprofit Investment Committee Memberships

(1996): American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Mathematics Section

(1995): Motion Picture Academy Technical Oscar for Cinema Digital Sound

(1977): National Academy of Engineering, Computer Science Section

IEEE Information Theory Society


(1975-1976): ACM Lecturer for Special Interest Group on Symbolic and Algebraic Manipulation

(1971): Eta Kappa Nu "Outstanding Young Electrical Engineer" Award

(1961): William Lowell Putnam Intercollegiate Mathematics Competition, Top 5