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Software Available on Linux Servers

  • Mathematica and Maple are available on the HPC server appsa (accessible from campus network) and thin client servers beyonce and keira (accessible from thin client computer lab 744).
  • MATLAB is available on appsa, beyonce and keira.
  • Octave is a free program that runs most MATLAB code — available on appsa, beyonce and keira.
  • Singular and Macaulay 2 are free programs for doing computational commutative algebra. They are available on appsa with the command names Singular and M2 respectively.
  • MAGMA does computations with many algebraic objects. Not free, but available on appsa, beyonce and keira.

Check out the Math Computing Cheat Sheet. The Math department's HPC server appsa may be accessed off-campus via login. See here for instructions on connecting to login from your personal computer.

See also the list of text editors for various operating systems.

Software for Mac Computers

MacPorts is a program for MacOS X which makes it easy to install and update most of the free software packages above and many others as well.