Zhengyi Zhou

E-mail: zzhou@math.berkeley.edu
Office: Evans 789

I'm a fifth year PhD student at UC Berkeley. I finished my undergraduate education at Nanjing University, China in 2013.

I passed my qualifying exam on 5/5/15. Here is my syllabus.

My advisor is Professor Katrin Wehrheim.

I am interested in symplectic geometry, regularization of moduli spaces and gauge theory. Currently I am trying to understand polyfold theory. and apply it to examples. Here is my CV.

Publications and Preprints

1. Vanishing of Symplectic Homology and Obstruction to Flexible Fillability. [arXiv:1710.02936]

2. Morse-Bott Cohomology from Homological Perturbation Theory, in preparation. [Draft]

3. Quotient of Polyfolds and \( S^1 \) Equivariant Transversality,in preparation. [Draft available upon request]

4. Equivariant Fundamental Class and Localization Theorem, in preparation. [Draft available upon request]