Mathematics 53 - Multivariable Calculus

Professor M. Zworski

Office Hours: 2-4 PM on Wednesdays in Evans 801.

Class meetings: The main lectures are TT 12:30 AM-2 PM in Dwinelle 155. There are in addition 16 discussion sections meeting on MWF.

Course Webpage: The handouts and assignments on bCourses.

Text: J. Steward, Custom version of Calculus (Early Transcendentals), 8th edition for Math 53


Material Number of Lectures

Introduction, parametric equations3

Vectors and Planes 2

Partial Derivatives 6

Multiple Integrals 7

Vector Calculus 8

Review (RRR Week) 2

Total 28


Exam Date Material covered

Midterm # 1February 16 Lectures 1-8

Midterm # 2April 13 Lectures 9-20

Final Exam May 11, 3–6 PMAll Lectures with 21-26 emphasized


Work Percentage of final grade

Homework and Quizzes20 %

Midterm #1 20 %

Midterm #2 20 %

Final Exam 20 40 %

Grades will be computed in the following way. You will be given a letter grade (+ or -, if appropriate) for each item of work above and we will later combine these grades as indicated in the table to obtain the final grade for the course. The TAs will lastly identify borderline cases, for which we will carefully look at the numerical grades on the various tests to determine the grade.

If you do not take Midterm #1, Midterm # 2 will count for 40 % of your grade. If you take Midterm #1 but not Midterm #2, the Final Exam will count for 60 % of your grade. If you take neither Midterm #1 nor Midterm #2, you will fail the course. Consequently, please mark them in your calendars.

Homework and Quizzes: There will be a weekly quizz given each Wednesday in sections. There will be no make-up quizzes, but we will drop the two lowest quiz scores in computing your grade. Homework from the main lecture on Tuesday is due on Friday in sections, and homework from the main lectures on Thursday is due on Wednesday. Since the Tuesday’s material is reviewed in the lecture on Thursday, etc. and there is one section meeting before homework is due, you will be able to absorb the material. The homework will be graded “pass/fail”.