Mathematics 205 - Theory of Functions of a Complex Variable

Professor M. Zworski

Office Hours: 4-5 PM on Wednesdays or by appointment, Evans 801.

TA: TBA Office hours: TBA

Class meetings: Lectures are TuTh 9:30:11 in Evans 9.

Texts (recommended): L. Ahlfors, Complex Analysis, 3rd Edition, L. Carleson and T. W. Gamelin, Complex Dynamics.


Material Number of Lectures
Introduction, linear transformations 2
Series and Product Developments (Chapter 5, Ahlfors) 6
Riemann Mapping Theorem 2
Harmonic functions and the Dirichlet problem 3
Complex Dynamics 15
Review 2
Total 30

Diagnostic Tests

Exam Date Material covered
Midterm # 1 February 23 Series and Products
Midterm # 2 April 25 Complex Dynamics


The grade will be based on the performance on weekly homeworks, assigned of Fridays and due one week later. You are allowed two late (which means one week late) homeworks in the semester. The tests will be used to check if the knowledge of the material (approximately) matches the performance on the homework.

Homework Assignments

Due January 26.

Due February 9.

Due February 21.

Due March 2. (Since I forgot to post this earlier, late home work is fine.)

Due March 7.

Due March 9.

Due March 23.


Due April 27.