Berkeley Arithmetic Geometry and Number Theory Seminar, Spring 2018

3:10-5:00 Monday, 748 Evans


This is a weekly RTG seminar funded by NSF and organized by Martin Olsson, Sug Woo Shin and Xinyi Yuan.


The seminar is scheduled at 3:10-5:00 every Monday. It consists of two 50-minute talks, a pre-talk (3:10-4:00) and an advanced talk (4:10-5:00), with a 10-minute break (4:00-4:10) between them. The advanced talk is a regular formal presentation about recent research results to general audiences in arithmetic geometry and number theory; the pre-talk (3:10-4:00) is to introduce some prerequisites or background for the advanced talk to audiences consisting of graduate students.

Schedule (3:10-5:00pm Monday, 748 Evans)

Date Speaker Topic
Jan 22 Minseon Shin (Berkeley) The Brauer group of some algebraic stacks (abstract)
Jan 29 Daniel Litt (Columbia) Arithmetic representations of fundamental groups (abstract)
Feb 5 Patrick Allen (UIUC) Automorphy of mod 3 representations over CM fields (abstract)
Feb 12 Sean Howe (Stanford) The p-adic Jacquet-Langlands correspondence and a question of Serre (abstract)
Feb 19 none university holiday
Feb 26 Rahul Krishna (Northwestern) Towards the global Gross-Prasad conjecture for orthogonal groups (abstract)
Mar 5 none Arizona Winter School
Mar 12 Alexander Smith (Harvard) 2^k-Selmer groups, 2^k-class groups, and Goldfeld's conjecture (abstract)
Mar 19 Ariyan Javanpeykar (JGU) Arithmetic finiteness results for Fano varieties and hypersurfaces (abstract)
Mar 26 none spring recess
Apr 2 Martin Weissman (UCSC) Extending the Langlands program to covering groups (abstract)
Apr 9 Junecue Suh (UCSC) Ordinary primes in Hilbert modular varieties (abstract)
Apr 16 Solomon Friedberg (Boston College) Endoscopic liftings without the trace formula (abstract)
Apr 23 none cancelled
Apr 30 Koji Shimizu (Harvard) Constancy of generalized Hodge-Tate weights of a p-adic local system (abstract)

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