Mathematics 214: Differentiable Manifolds

 Room 81  Evans Hall
 MWF  3--4

Office hours: Tu 3:30--5:30

The final exam for the course: in order to get the course grade I expect you to do the following exercises from Madsen-Tornehave (Section D in the back):

3.2, 3.3, 4.2, 4.3, 6.3, 7.2

I would like to receive the written solutions early next week (in any case not later than Friday May 24). I suggest that you begin doing and writing at least some of these without delay (even if you are other commitments) in order to avoid the `last minute' stresses. You can give the written solutions (containing your name and email address) to my secretary Debbie Craig.

Just in time for the end of the course, I received from Gert-Martin Greuel fragments of his and Pfister's forthcoming A SINGULAR Introduction to Commutative Algebra (some 290 pages in total) for you to use.

  • course information pdf , postscript

  • lecture notes (growing) pdf , postscript

  • Tutorial on the use of Singular pdf , postscript

  • Select pages from Narasimhan's book, (courtesy of your colleague Aaron Ames).