The UC Berkeley combinatorics seminar
Fall 2011, Monday 5pm - 6pm, Evans Hall 939
939 Evans Hall
Organizers: Kelli Talaska Lauren Williams

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DATE SPEAKER TITLE (click for an abstract)
August 29 Svante Linusson The Bunkbed conjecture and correlations in randomly oriented graphs
September 5 Labor Day (no seminar)
September 12 Kristin Shaw Local obstructions to approximating tropical curves in surfaces
September 19 Monica Vazirani Deformations of permutation representations of Coxeter groups
September 26 Melody Chan Tropical hyperelliptic curves
October 3 Maria Monks On the distribution of arithmetic sequences in the 3x+1 graph
October 10 Olivier Bernardi An analogue of the Harer-Zagier formula for general surfaces
October 17 Sami Assaf Multiplying Schubert polynomials and Schur functions
October 24 Marcelo Aguiar Algebra based on real hyperplane arrangements
October 31 Ivan Corwin Tropical combinatorics and Whittaker functions
November 7 Lionel Levine Abelian networks
November 14 Christian Korff A free fermion formulation of the small quantum cohomology ring
November 21 Ellen Veomett Discrete Isoperimetry
November 28 Susanna Fishel Enumerating maximum length chains in the Tamari lattice
December 5, 4:00-4:50pm Nantel Bergeron Supercharacter theory and Hopf monoid
December 5 Karel Casteels Quantum matrices by paths
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