Math 290: Cluster algebras.
Course Control number 54528
Fall 2013, Tuesdays 2:30pm - 3:30pm, Evans Hall 939
939 Evans Hall
Organizer: Lauren Williams

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DATE SPEAKER TITLE (click for an abstract)
September 3 Lauren Williams What is a cluster algebra?
September 10 Steven Karp Some motivating examples from total positivity (TP matrices, flag TP matrices, the positive Grassmannian)
September 17 Steven Karp Continuation of previous lecture
September 24 Adam Kalman Rank 2 cluster algebras
October 1 Adam Kalman Rank 2 cluster algebras (continued)
October 8 Adam Kalman and Alex Zorn Rank 2 cluster algebras (finish) and finite type classification (begin)
October 15 Alex Zorn the finite type classification of cluster algebras
October 22 no seminar
October 29 no seminar
November 5 Adam Kalman The Laurent phenomenon
November 12 Frank Ban The positivity conjecture
November 19 Emmanuel Tsukerman Cluster algebras from surfaces
November 26 Harold Williams Introduction to the preprojective algebra and cluster algebras
December 3 Alexander Shapiro Cluster algebras and integrable systems (the pentagram map)

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