Math 224B: Mathematical Methods for the Physical Sciences, Spring 2006

Lecture: MWF 10-11 AM, 39 Evans

Instructor: Jon Wilkening,

Course webpage:

Office: 1091 Evans, (510) 643-7990 or (510) 486-7006.

Office hours: Monday 11-12, Wednesday 2-3

Course Description

Prerequisites: Advanced Calculus, Complex Analysis, some experience with Partial Differential Equations. (224A is not a prerequisite)

Required Text:
Ivar Stakgold, Green's Functions and Boundary Value Problems

Related Texts:
Coddington and Levinson, Theory of Ordinary Differential Equations
M. A. Naimark, Linear Differential Operators, Part I
Courant and Hilbert, Methods of Mathematical Physics, Volume I
Gerald Folland, Introduction to Partial Differential Equations
N. I. Muskhelishvili, Singular Integral Equations
C. Pozrikidis, Boundary integral and singularity methods for linearized viscous flow

The grade will be based entirely on homework, which will be assigned every two weeks.
(7 assignments)

In this course, we will study classical boundary value problems in one and several dimensions using Green's functions, spectral theory, layer potentials and Cauchy integrals. A rough plan for the course is as follows: I'll hand out copies of the relevant background material from the texts other than Stakgold.