Math 1B - Calculus

Fall 2008

Instructor: Prof. Jon Wilkening
Office: 1091 Evans,   643-7990
Office Hours: Tues 9-11 (1091 Evans), Tues 12:30-1:30 (SLC)
wilken@math berkeley edu

Head GSI: no head GSI for this class anymore.

GSI names and office hours

Main Lecture: TTh 11:10-12:30 PM, 2050 VLSB

Course Webpage:

Course Description: An introduction to differential and integral calculus of functions of one variable, with applications. This course is intended for majors in engineering and the physical sciences.

Prerequisites: 1A or equivalent.


Homework: assigned each week but not collected or graded.
Quizzes: consist of randomly chosen homework problems, possibly with different numerical constants. This semester, quizzes will be cumulative . One of the three quiz questions each week will be from a previous homework assignment.

weekly quizzes: 20% (13 quizzes given, lowest 3 scores dropped)
midterm 1: 20%
midterm 2: 25%
final exam: 35%
The lower of the midterm scores (or a missed midterm) will be replaced by the score on the final exam if it is higher. Beware: the material becomes more difficult as we proceed through the course, so it is in your best interest to do well on each midterm. Missed quizzes and exams count as zero, even if you join the course late or have a legitimate reason for missing the test. No make-up quizzes or exams for any reason!

You are guaranteed at least an A, B or C if your scores are over 90%, 80% or 70%, respectively, although these grade boundaries will probably be lower after the curve.

Grade corrections: The grades for exams or quizzes will be changed only if there is a clear error on the part of the grader, such as adding up marks incorrectly. Problems must be brought to the attention of the GSI immediately after exams are returned.

Incomplete grades: Incomplete "I" grades are almost never given. The only justification is a documented serious medical problem or genuine personal/family emergency. Falling behind in this course or problems with workload in other courses are not acceptable reasons.

Exam Dates:
Midterm 1: Tues, Sep 23, 11:10-12:30, 2050 VLSB
Midterm 2: Tues, Nov 4, 11:10-12:30, 2050 VLSB
Final Exam: Tues, Dec. 16, 5:10-8 PM, Wheeler Auditorium
Calculators will not be allowed on exams.

Useful links:
how to ace calculus
website for the book
greek alphabet


Type of Question Person to Ask When and How
Enrollment and Section Placement Head TA see webpage
Quiz Scores GSI Office Hours
Exam Scores GSI or Professor Office Hours
Math Questions GSI or Professor Discussion Section, Office Hours
Emergencies only Professor Office Hours,
e-mail, Phone
missed class, administrative announcements your classmates
(and course webpage)
up to you