Math 126 - Introduction to Partial Differential Equations

Instructor: Jon Wilkening

Lectures: MWF 10-11 AM, 4 Evans

Course Control Number: 54245

Office: 1051 Evans

Office Hours: Monday 4-5 PM, Wed 2:15-3:45 PM

Prerequisites: Math 53 and 54 or equivalent

Required Text: Partial Differential Equations, An Introduction , Walter Strauss

Syllabus: This course will cover the basic mathematical theory of partial differential equations and describe some of the most useful techniques that have been developed for solving them. My tentative plan is to cover chapters 1-4, 6, 7, 9 and 14 of Strauss' book. The chapter titles of these sections are:

Course Webpage: I will post handouts and assignments on B-Space. Please e-mail me if you do not have access to the B-Space page.

homework: 25%
Midterm 1: 20% Friday, Oct 5, in class
Midterm 2: 20% Friday, Nov 9, in class
Final exam: 35% Monday, Dec 10, 8-11 AM

More Details: 11 homework assignments, 2 lowest scores dropped. My grade cutoffs are usually around 90 A, 85 A-, 80 B+, 75 B, 70 B-, 65 C+, 60 C, 50 D. Scores on exams are often curved upward to fit these grade boundary guidelines. Your midterm grade will be replaced by your grade on the final if you do better on the final. If you miss the midterm for any reason (illness, family emergency, didn't study, etc.), the final will count for both. Homework is due at the beginning of class. Late assignments and missed midterms cannot be made up. Collaboration is encouraged in discussing ideas, but you are not allowed to share written solutions of homework.