Math H53 : Honors multivariable calculus, Fall 2015

The aim of this course is to extend calculus from single variables to multiple variables. In single variable calculus, you must have studied functions defined on some interval of the real number-line. In this course, the functions will be defined on curves in two or three dimensions (for example conic sections or helixes), surfaces in three dimensions (for example spheres or ellipsoids), and regions in two or three dimensions. Exactly analogous to single variable calculus, we will then develope the theories of differential and integral calculus for such functions. The corwing glory of the course will be the various generalizations of the fundamental theorem of calculus, namely Green's theorem, Stokes' theorem, and the divergence theorem.

Syllabus and Tentative Schedule

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Assignment-1 (due 09/09/15)

Assignment-2 (due 09/14/15)

Assignment-3 (due 09/30/15)

Assignment-4 (due 10/07/15)

Assignment-5 (due 10/14/15)

Assignment-6 (due 10/21/15)

Assignment-7 (due 10/28/15)

Assignment-8 (due 11/11/15)

Assignment-9 (due 11/18/15)

Assignment-10 (due 12/02/15)

Assignment-11 (due 12/09/15)


Practice problems for first mid-term

Here is the first midterm and the solutions

Practice problems for the second mid-term

Here is the second midterm and the solutions

Practice problems for the final exam

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