Recent TeX Upgrade

As of 18 October 2007, the Math Department is using the 2007 version of TeX Live. (Previously we used TeTeX 3.0, the most recent and last version of that TeX distibution.)

There should be very few (if any) visible changes to your existing usage of TeX. TeXLive adds, however, newer versions of the programs, as well as many macro packages and fonts. This includes pdftex version 1.40.3—the current version that we are running is 1.21a, and this was increasingly causing problems since many macro packages require a newer version. TeXLive also adds xetex, a version of TeX that can directly access TrueType fonts.

To read more on TeX Live, see its web page (but ignore what that page says about installing TeX Live—it is already installed on our system).

To tell whether you are using the new version, run

tex --version

and check whether the third line says "Copyright (C) 1997-2004 D.E. Knuth" or "Copyright 2007 D.E. Knuth".

To go back to the earlier version of TeX, type the following command (depending on what type of computer you are using):

set path = (/local/sol/9/depot/tetex-3.0/bin $path)
set path = (/local/depot/4/tetex-3.0/bin $path)

You only need to do this once per window or login session.

If you do need to go back to the previous version, please let me know ( so that whatever problems you are having with TeX Live are addressed.

If you have any questions, ask Paul Vojta

Last updated 18 October 2007