Using Cyrillic Symbols in AmSTeX

Here's a quick example of an AmSTeX file including a Cyrillic symbol.


\font\tencyr=wncyr10 % scaled \magstep1
\font\sevencyr=wncyr7 % scaled \magstep1
\font\fivecyr=wncyr5 % scaled \magstep1
\newfam\cyrfam \textfont\cyrfam=\tencyr \scriptfont\cyrfam=\sevencyr
  0\or 1\or 2\or 3\or 4\or 5\or 6\or 7 \or
  8\or 9\or A\or B\or C\or D\or E\or F\fi}
\mathchardef\Sha="0\hexfam\cyrfam 58

This is the Tate-Shafarevich group:  $\Sha_{E/K}$.
Here it is as a subscript:  $A_\Sha$.

Last updated 16 March 2005