Math 256A - Algebraic Geometry

InstructorPaul Vojta
LecturesMWF 1:10–2:00, Room 2 Evans
Course Control Number18076
Office883 Evans
Office HoursM 11:30–12:30, WF 11–12
PrerequisitesMath 250A–250B
Required TextHartshorne, Algebraic Geometry, Springer
SyllabusWe will work our way through Chapter II of Hartshorne, with numerous added examples of a geometric nature to complement the algebraic emphasis of the text (and to make up for skipping Chapter I). You will not be required to already be familiar with the material in Chapter I.
GradingGrades will be based on homework assignments, and possibly in-class quizzes. There will be no final exam, but the last problem set will be due about a week after the last day of classes.
Homework Weekly or biweekly, assigned in class
CommentsI tend to follow the book fairly closely, but try to give interesting exercises and examples.
RRR Week The class will continue to meet during RRR week.


No.DateDownload Title
1 9/30 dvi pdf Glueing results
2 12/5 dvi pdf A hint for Exercise 3.15

Homework Assignments

In these assignments, you may use earlier exercises from the same chapter of the book without proving them. (For problems not from the book, use common sense or ask me.)

If you collaborate with someone else, or consult other sources (such as web sites, lecture notes from other classes (including Math 256a from other semesters), books, or web pages), then these must be mentioned in your solutions to each relevant problem. Such references must be specific (e.g., give the full URL for web pages; don't just say you looked at Wikipedia). This policy does not apply to lecture notes from this class, or to parts of the book covered in class (but it does apply to looking ahead in the textbook).

If a solution to a problem relies heavily on outside sources, it may lose points.

Solutions for these assignments will be posted on bCourses after they have been graded.

19/7 dvi pdf
29/21 dvi pdf
do not hand in
dvi pdf
410/12 dvi pdf
510/19 dvi pdf
do not hand in
dvi pdf
711/2 II Ex. 3.14, 4.1, 4.2
811/9 dvi pdf
911/16 I Ex. 2.12 use scheme theory;
II Ex. 4.8, 5.5
1011/30 dvi pdf
do not hand in
dvi pdf
1212/14 5pm dvi pdf

Last updated 7 December 2016