Our pets

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All these picures were taken by my partner, Sonja Soehnel, who shares ownership of these pets with me.

The two cats in the top left picture are both Chartreux. Though they are cousins, they had quite different personalities. Jacques, the bottom orange-eyed cat in the picture on the left, [born 1994, died 2005] was feisty and smart. Jean-Paul [born 1994], despite his fierce expression in the picture on the right, is placid and dumb.

The three bottom pictures are of Katie [born 1998], our Fluffy Pembroke Welsh Corgi . For the most part, she is an affectionate, highly intelligent dog. Once every couple of months or so, something pushes her buttons, and before she calms down again, she ferociously nips at our heels. This, needless to say, can be quite disconcerting.