Welcome to Andrey Smirnov's web page!

Department of Mathematics

University of California

Berkeley, CA 94720

e-mail: smirnov@math.berkeley.edu

Berkeley office: 859 Evans hall

Office hours: by appointment.


I am a Morrey Visiting Assistant Professor at UC Berkeley. My research interests are: geometric representation theory,
enumerative geometry, theoretical and mathematical physics. Here you can find my CV and list of publications.


Together with Mina Aganagic, Dima Galakhov and Vivek Shende, I organize the Berkeley String-Math seminar.


Together with Akishi Kato, Toshitake Kohno, Nicolai Reshetikhin, I organize a Berkeley-Tokyo Summer School Geometry, Representation Theory, and Mathematical Physics.


In the Spring semester of 2018 I am teaching:

In the Fall semester of 2017 I am teaching:

In the spring semester of 2017 I am teaching:

In the fall semester of 2016 I am teaching: