Math 290: PDE Learning Seminar (Fall 2020)
Wave packets in dispersive PDEs

The goal of this learning seminar is to discuss various instances of application of the idea of wave packets in dispersive PDEs.

For UC Berkeley students: To enroll in this seminar, please use CCN#15439(26)


In general, we will meet on Wednesdays from 4:10 pm to 5:30 pm at:

(see the up-to-date syllabus below for the precise schedule).

Mailing list & shared files

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Syllabus (will be updated)
Date Topic Refs. Speaker
9/23 Organizational meeting
10/7 Wave packets for constant-coefficient dispersive PDEs - Xiaoyu Huang
10/14 Decay estimate via wave packets for constant-coefficient dispersive PDEs- Yuchen Mao
10/21 Basic phase space analysis via the FBI transform [1, 2] Yonah Borns-Weil
10/28 Wave pacekts for variable coefficient dispersive equations [3] Mitchell Taylor
11/4 Null geometry and wave packets for variable coefficient wave equations [4] James Rowan
11/11 Long time Strichartz estimate on asymptotically flat spacetimes [5, 6] Jian Wang
11/18 Modified scattering for the 1D cubic NLS [7] Benjamin Pineau
12/2 Nash-Kuiper embedding - Federico Pasqualottto
12/9 Bilinear restriction estimates [8, 9] Georgios Moschidis
References (will be updated)
1 D. Tataru Phase space transforms and microlocal analysis
2 D. Tataru On the Fefferman-Phong inequality and related problems
3 H. Koch and D. Tataru, Dispersive estimates for principally normal pseudodifferential operators
4 H. Smith and D. Tataru, Sharp local well-posedness results for the nonlinear wave equation
5 D. Tataru, Parametrices and dispersive estiamtes for Schrodinger equation with variable coefficients
6 J. Metcalfe and D. Tataru, Global parametrices and dispersive estimates for variable coefficient wave equations
7 M. Ifrim and D. Tataru, Global bounds for the cubic nonlinear Schrodinger equation (NLS) in one space dimension
8 T. Wolff, A sharp bilinear cone restriction estimate
9 T. Tao, Endpoin bilinear restriction theorems for the cone, and some sharp null form estimates

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