Math 54 - Spring 2014

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Quizzes and Midterms

May 7Quiz 12ProblemsSolutions
Apr 30Quiz 11ProblemsSolutions
Apr 23Quiz 10ProblemsSolutions
Apr 16Quiz 9ProblemsSolutions
Apr 8Midterm 2Solutions
Apr 2Quiz 8ProblemsSolutions
Mar 19Quiz 7ProblemsSolutions
Mar 12Quiz 6ProblemsSolutions
Feb 27Midterm 1Solutions
Feb 26Quiz 5ProblemsSolutions
Feb 19Quiz 4ProblemsSolutions
Feb 12Quiz 3ProblemsSolutions
Feb 5Quiz 2ProblemsSolutions
Jan 29Quiz 1ProblemsSolutions


May 2Sample Final Solutions
Apr 29Notes and commentary on Chapter 10
Apr 29Notes and commentary on Chapter 9
Apr 16Special Classes of Nonhomogeneous Differential Equations
Apr 14Notes on Linear Differential Equations
Apr 4Discussion notes
Apr 1Sample Midterm 2 Solutions
Apr 1Midterm 2 Review Sheet, and partial solutions
Mar 31Discussion notes
Mar 21Discussion notes
Mar 14Discussion notes
Mar 10Discussion notes
Mar 7Discussion notes
Mar 5Discussion notes
Feb 21Midterm 1 Review Sheet
Feb 21Sample Midterm 1 Solutions
Feb 21Supplement to "How to Prove Things"
Feb 21Discussion notes
Feb 19Discussion notes
Feb 14Solutions to problems assigned during discussion
Feb 11Examples of vector spaces
Feb 10Solutions to problems assigned during discussion
Feb 6Left/right invertible matrices
Feb 5Inverses of special symmetric matrices
Feb 3Solutions to problems assigned during discussion
Jan 30The invertible matrix theorem
Jan 24Some remarks on Span