Math 54 - Fall 2014

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Aug 29Quiz 1ProblemsSolutions
Sep 5Quiz 2ProblemsSolutions
Sep 12Quiz 3ProblemsSolutions
Sep 19Quiz 4ProblemsSolutions
Sep 26Quiz 5ProblemsSolutions
Oct 3Quiz 6ProblemsSolutions
Oct 10Quiz 7ProblemsSolutions
Oct 17Quiz 8ProblemsSolutions
Oct 24Quiz 9ProblemsSolutions
Nov 7Quiz 10ProblemsSolutions
Nov 14Quiz 11ProblemsSolutions
Nov 21Quiz 12ProblemsSolutions
Dec 5Quiz 13ProblemsSolutions


Oct 31Question asked during discussion
Oct 22Questions asked during discussion
Oct 1Solutions to discussion exercises
Sep 29Solutions to discussion exercises
Sep 8Solutions to discussion exercises