Math 1A - Fall 2013


Section Handouts

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Date Title
Sep 14 Limits of sequences, continuity of functions Notes
Sep 21 Proving limits of polynomials Notes
Oct 11 Derivatives and implicit differentiation Problems Solutions
Oct 16 Exponential Growth and Decay; Related Rates Problems Solutions
Oct 18 Chapter 3 Review Problems Solutions
Oct 21 Rolle's Theorem; Mean Value Theorem Problems Solutions
Oct 23 Graphing Functions, L'Hospital's Rule Problems Solutions
Oct 25 More Function Graphing; Optimization Problems Solutions
Oct 28 Definite Integrals Problems Solutions
Oct 30 Indefinite Integrals; Fundamental Theorem of Calculus Problems Solutions
Nov 15 The Substitution Rule Problems Solutions
Nov 20 Integration Practice Problems Solutions
Nov 22 Integrating Rational Functions Notes
Nov 25 Using integration to derive geometric formulas Problems Solutions
Nov 25 Summation Formulas Notes
Nov 27 Final Review Day 1 Problems Solutions
Dec 13 Solving the differential equation y' = Cy Notes
Dec 13 Limit definitions Notes


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Relevant to Exams

Date Title
Sep 27 Quiz 1 Problems Solutions
Sep 30 Alex Youcis' Review Sheet for Midterm 1 Problems Solutions
Sep 30 Jacob Scott's Review Sheet for Midterm 1 Problems
Oct 18 Midterm 1 Solutions, 8 am Solutions
Nov 1 Brian Cruz's Quiz for Chapter 3 Problems
Nov 1 Ingrid Armet's Practice Midterm 2 Problems
Nov 1 Alexander's Midterm 2 Review (Chapter 3) Problems Solutions (by Danny Hermes)
Nov 6 Practice Midterm 2 Problems Solutions
Nov 15 Midterm 2 Solutions, 8 am Solutions
Dec 4 Practice Final Problems Solutions
Dec 25 Final Solutions, 7 pm Solutions